DIY T-Shirt Upgrade

tshirt_mainIn the world of fandom, t-shirts are prolific. They’re usually good giveaway items at conventions, and you really can’t make it through summer concert season without buying at least one.

tshirt_beforeI picked up this one from hanging around Mr. Boyfriend’s Jack of All Nerds podcast.

I however, don’t jive with plain cut tees. Firstly, I have a curvy woman body and most freebie t-shirts are for men and in men sizes. Secondly I’m a vain bitch and like to stand out from the crowd.

I’m obsessed with prints right now so I came up with this flattering cut that can be worn over a flowy print to punch up a casual look.  I would also wear it a little sexed up with a fitted high waist skirt. Flash a little skin in the most flattering places, y’know.



Cut off neck from shoulder to shoulder. Don’t cut past the arm seams.



Fold in half. Make a curved cut from about 4 inches under the design to the bottom of the back fold.



Start at the lowest point in back and cut straight up, stopping about 8 inches from the top and your done! Ps. I also cuffed the sleeves for a more feminine length.


DIY Buckle Ankle Boots

I wear dresses and skirts year-round. Tights are a must; but footed tights making your shoes slip off? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

That’s why I LOVE ankle boots. I’m a big fan of low profile, simple black ankle boots with a good sturdy heel that I can walk around in comfortably all day… but recently I’ve been obsessed with sturdy black ankle boots with  bad-ass-bitch straps and buckles.

After WEEKS of fruitless searching for a pair that perfectly combined style, comfort and a don’t-have-to-eat-ramen-for-a-week price, the closest I came was this pair on Faith Spitalfield Black Buckle Ankle Boots, now sold out, but at the time they cost about $120 bucks.

Waaay too expensive, plus I’m not a fan of the open sides during rainy seasons. One of my favorite things about ankle boots is that I can wear them rain or shine.

Expensive designer version:

Asos Faith Spitalfield Black Buckle Ankle Boots in Black - Lyst

Here’s MY version that cost under $60 bucks:



  • Comfy boots with the perfect silhouette from Chinese Laundry – $42.59 (sale price on
  • 2 boys’ belts- $6.00 each from Walmart
  • Super Glue of your choice


Here’s what I did:

  1. Put on one boot.
  2. Wrap a belt underneath the arch of your foot, cross the belt across the top of your foot and wrap around the back of your heel.
  3. When you have the look you want, fasten the belt.
  4. Follow the super glue directions to attach the belt to the shoe where it wraps underneath your arch.
  5. Repeat with the second shoe.

Done, BAM. Take that expensive designer boot regime!

Last Minute Living Doll Costume

Another last minute costume idea from things already in your closet. This makeup looks intense but is SO easy. All you need is a hot pink lipstick, red lipstick and a pair of false eyelashes.
TIP: Make your own giant bow with scrap fabric and hot glue it on a headband. 15 minutes tops.
Living Doll

Vogue knee length socks
$29 –

Lip gloss makeup
$35 –

Benefit eye makeup
$18 –

MIA hair styling tool

Last Minute Hippie Chick Costume

Last minute Halloween costume from items already in your closet!

Keep your hair long and loose, your makeup natural and use a yellow or white eyeliner pencil to draw a peace sign on your face. Bam! You’re out the door.

Bonus: You don’t have to shave your legs!

Hippie Chick Costume

Gringo evening dress
$65 –

Cognac sandals

Opal bracelet

Nars cosmetic

DIY Nail Art: Spike Tips


So I’m currently obsessing on the 90’s/grunge revival trend. The gold chains and spiked jewelry I’m currently addicted to were the inspiration for these nails. I like that its more abstract and not so literal. Plus, gold and black are pretty neutral so this design goes with everything.

Plus they make me feel like a badass.

What you’ll need:

  • Gold Polish
  • Quick Drying Black Polish
  • Orly Sec n’Dry Clear Coat- this one is specific because this product is AMAZING. The only quick dry polish I’ve ever tried that actually works AND is shiny. Seriously, I love it. **Dear Orly, if you want to throw some money my way for my glowing endorsement I totally won’t object. XOXO
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Scotch Tape or Masking Tape

STEP ONE: Apply 2 coats of gold polish followed by 1 coat or Orly Sec n’Dry and let dry completely.

TIP: I usually paint the gold, rock it solo for a day and then move on to step 2. Especially if I bother to do a full manicure before the gold because that takes so much time.


STEP TWO: Use the marker to make a small dot in the center of each nail. The dot will help your “spike tips” be more evenly sized & placed.


STEP THREE: Use the tape to form a triangle on the tip of your nail with the dot as your apex. Make sure the edges of the tape triangle are firmly pressed down.


STEP FOUR: Fill in the triangle with your black polish.


STEP FIVE: Peel off tape & repeat for each nail.

TIP: When painting the spikes do one nail at a time and peel off the tape while the black polish is still wet. You don’t want the black to dry or the edges might peel off with the tape.

005 006

FINISHING MOVE: When all your spikes are done, wait until the black dries to the touch and then finish with coat of Orly Sec n’ Dry.  You want to wait until the black is dry to the touch otherwise it will bleed into the gold when the clear is applied.

Now get out there and cause a commotion you badass bitch!

What’s Up Bitches!? Let’s Make Something Pretty!

“JoJo’s so creative.” “You are so creative.” “How did you do that?” “Ask JoJo; she’s creative.” “Can you make me one?” –These are phrases I have heard my entire life; but thus far the only benefit of this magical creativity I have locked in my skull has been making my immediate world more interesting, beautiful, weird and wonderful. Sure I translate creativity to “problem solver” on my resume, but only because “expert glue gun operator” is not a skill most any employers are looking for.

Although reality television is clearly indicating that humanity is doomed and I’d rather shoot myself in the face than go to a crowded theme park where Stroller Nazis make constant attempts on my life (because somehow popping out a screaming demon spawn entitles you to literally push people off the sidewalk with your Stroller Tank of Doom) I have decided to share my creative ideas with the world. Via that mystical, nebulous, enchanted forest of knowledge; Le Internet.

So here we go. Because on this slowly dying planet, overpopulated with morons and a@#holes (don’t even get me started on rude drivers) who bow down to the tanned skeletons & child monkeys in tiaras that are worshipped on the TV, isn’t it time we allowed ourselves to be surrounded by interesting, beautiful, weird and wonderful things? I think so.