Loki Fascinator Cocktail Hat


Thor may be my favorite superhero to see shirtless, but everybody loves a bad boy. 😉

After seeing a lot of “Lady Lokis” channeling my favorite villain/ sometimes anti-hero into some pretty stunning cosplay…I was inspired to make this Loki fascinator hat.


Everything is Awesome!

So I’m super excited for WonderCon in a few weeks. I am slightly kinda mostly obsessed with making hats right now…

Anyhoo, as soon as I saw the Lego Movie, I instantly fell in love with Princess Unikitty, and it inspired me to design a very pop-art Unikitty hat.

Right now I’m sewing a fancy Unikitty-inspired dress I designed to wear with the hat. The Easter-egg colors aren ‘t really my thing so I’m going accessorize with dark makeup, dark nails and moto boots for a kind of “Punk-Princess Unikitty vibe. This is a pic of the ginormous skirt in progress:


I don’t know what to call this cosplay… Couture Cosplay? Is that a thing?

Whatevs. Its gonna be dope and I’m excited!

A love note from JoJo: This post was updated on June 12, 2014