I Work Hard for the Money


Today marks the end of my first month at my new job with a new company! I am beyond happy. I feel like I have so much creative energy that I might explode. Good thing I have plenty to do on-the-clock and I’m working on a fantastic group cosplay for Long Beach Comiccon in September. If you want to see all the cosplay crafting madness unfold give me a follow on Instagram @jojossocreative. When I’m crafting I like to post progress pics to Instagram pretty much in real time! Because TECHNOLOGY. ❤ XOXO

Dear Facebook, I Have Arrived. Love, JoJo

Sometimes I have little snippets of stuff to share that are not quite full enough to be a whole blog post and we all want to be connected and interact right? So I started the official JoJo’s So Creative Facebook page. You can see sneak peeks of projects in the works, get updates on new article posts and even ask me for advice on projects or make special requests. The beauty of this blog and my social media sites is that it’s just me. It’s not a company, or a team, or a sponsor. If you send me a message, you’ll be getting a personal answer from your’s truly.

I also have a Pinterest page and Instagram, because duh, we all love pretty pictures, right?  Here’s the links so you can stay connected with JoJo’s So Creative:



Instagram: @jojossocreative

Holla at me, boo!