I’m Not Dead!

Well, Halloween 2013 was pretty dope, you guys. Then “THE HOLIDAYS” came and pretty much sucked my will to live- and craft. What with the presents to wrap and things to decorate, you would think that my crafting little heart would love Xmas- etc. but alas, no.

Maybe it’s because my alter ego, daytime-job-self works in marketing…maybe it’s just because I own a TV and have eyes…but during “THE HOLIDAYS” I just get so overwhelmed with the pushy media-ness of it all. I don’t like listening to 27 versions of “Jingle Bells” on repeat from October 30th to January 3rd. I’d rather not have to commit to a knife fight to win a parking space at Target. And I would rather die than attend any sort of Black Friday, Gray Thursday, Cyan Tuesday, Periwinkle Monday, or whatever.

So now it’s March 2014 and I finally feel somewhat recovered. To be fair,l things have also picked up on the Clark Kent side of it all. Major changes at work have landed me extra responsibilities- hard !- and new opportunities -exciting !- but more than anything I’ve really been blowing my whole creative load in the office. Which means when I’m home it’s all I can do to tackle my part of the housekeeping, put away my laundry, drink a glass of wine and crash. If it wasn’t for Boyfriend I would have perished of starvation long ago. (Let’s all say a silent prayer of thanks for Boyfriend.)

What is the point of all this? Just to holla at you, boo. Let you know I’m still alive. That I’m gonna post all my Halloween adventures on Instagram for you (remember I made my 60+ dad an Ariel costume?). Oh and I totally did a craft last weekend, so come back in a few days and thou shalt have a DIY article to check out.

Happy Springtime, Bitches! XOXO