What’s Up Bitches!? Let’s Make Something Pretty!

“JoJo’s so creative.” “You are so creative.” “How did you do that?” “Ask JoJo; she’s creative.” “Can you make me one?” –These are phrases I have heard my entire life; but thus far the only benefit of this magical creativity I have locked in my skull has been making my immediate world more interesting, beautiful, weird and wonderful. Sure I translate creativity to “problem solver” on my resume, but only because “expert glue gun operator” is not a skill most any employers are looking for.

Although reality television is clearly indicating that humanity is doomed and I’d rather shoot myself in the face than go to a crowded theme park where Stroller Nazis make constant attempts on my life (because somehow popping out a screaming demon spawn entitles you to literally push people off the sidewalk with your Stroller Tank of Doom) I have decided to share my creative ideas with the world. Via that mystical, nebulous, enchanted forest of knowledge; Le Internet.

So here we go. Because on this slowly dying planet, overpopulated with morons and a@#holes (don’t even get me started on rude drivers) who bow down to the tanned skeletons & child monkeys in tiaras that are worshipped on the TV, isn’t it time we allowed ourselves to be surrounded by interesting, beautiful, weird and wonderful things? I think so.