Half Table DIY Space-Saver Project

When Boyfriend and I first moved into our house I went on a crazy quest for the perfect 4-person round table for our smallish dining room. We were super excited…. and then ate at it exactly 3 times. In 3 years. And those were within the first 6 months.

Then suddenly our dining room became a super cool little waste of space- unless you count the table that turned out to be good for one thing and one thing only: being something I had to dust every week. Said table has now found a new home in our backroom addition where it will get plenty of use when we entertain. Don’t distress over the poor table! It’s very happy in its new home.

Here’s what I did with our newly freed up dining room space by cutting a high top table in half:


This is my laptop space. It’s perfect because it’s right off the kitchen so I can type up a quick article while Boyfriend cooks dinner:


I added a little curtain on this side to create more storage space:


 Now Boyfriend has an easy-access space to store his podcast equipment for his show, Jack Of All Nerds. BTW you should totes check them out on Facebook here.



Check out ME out on Instagram to see the in-progress and update photos from this project. 🙂

Get Ur Hair Did- DIY Plastic Smock


I am a  haircut daredevil! Partly because my hair grows very fast and partly because I just DGAF, it’s not unusual for me to grow my hair out super long then lock myself in the bathroom and chop it all off one day. Boyfriend, bless his soul,  is very patient with this Scissor Addiction I have.

Even when I’m doing a crazy new ‘do session, I do ❤ bangs…which require pretty constant trimming. Maybe you don’t give yourself home hair cuts on the fly, but maybe you trim your bangs too.  And even if you have complete control of your Scissor Hands and do neither, I’m guessing I’m not alone in dying my hair from box.

SO here’s my super easy (and, ahem, cheap) solution to protecting your clothes during your crazy bathroom adventures: a Trash-Bag Smock.

TIP: I don’t mind a tiny bit of hair falling on my neck, but if you just can’t abide it or doing something extra messy use medical tape to stick down the edges of your smock’s neckhole directly to your skin. Ain’t no hair getting throught that!