DIY T-Shirt Upgrade

tshirt_mainIn the world of fandom, t-shirts are prolific. They’re usually good giveaway items at conventions, and you really can’t make it through summer concert season without buying at least one.

tshirt_beforeI picked up this one from hanging around Mr. Boyfriend’s Jack of All Nerds podcast.

I however, don’t jive with plain cut tees. Firstly, I have a curvy woman body and most freebie t-shirts are for men and in men sizes. Secondly I’m a vain bitch and like to stand out from the crowd.

I’m obsessed with prints right now so I came up with this flattering cut that can be worn over a flowy print to punch up a casual look.  I would also wear it a little sexed up with a fitted high waist skirt. Flash a little skin in the most flattering places, y’know.



Cut off neck from shoulder to shoulder. Don’t cut past the arm seams.



Fold in half. Make a curved cut from about 4 inches under the design to the bottom of the back fold.



Start at the lowest point in back and cut straight up, stopping about 8 inches from the top and your done! Ps. I also cuffed the sleeves for a more feminine length.