Catwoman Fascinator Cocktail Hat

I made this Catwoman cocktail hat as a raffle prize for Jack of All Nerds podcast.

The custom fascinator was raffled off at the Nerds Like Us midnight showing of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns!

This was my first hat modeled after Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman, because duh she’s awesome. I used clear acrylic spray paint on painted worbla to get a shiny vinyl look and painted the stitches with silver liquid leaf.


Gotham Hobos Cosplay: Takin’ a Stand & Makin’ New Friends at Long Beach Comic-Con 2014

Succinct writing is not always my forte but I’m kinda wiped out so here’s my best go at it:

Girls tired of seeing girl cosplayers only representing the sexy side of women.

Girls drink a lot of wine and hatch a plan to do the most sexualized characters we could think of in a whole new way.

Gotham Hobos are born and I send my early costume sketches to Jimmy at Been Better comics for a cartoon rendering:


Old friends meet new friends and several months of crafting (and giggling) ensue.
Crazy Cat-Lady Catwoman was the first to take shape:





Then Homeless Hippie Poison Ivy started to come together:







And last, but not least, everybody’s favorite certifiably insane girlfriend, Hobo Harley Quinn, came to life:






Hopefully con-goers would see us and get a chuckle. Hopefully, a few gals would see us and  think “hey that’s cool, I don’t always have to be sexy to be awesome.”

As long as we were having fun we were stoked!


We never thought in a million years we’d win anything- all day we went back on forth on whether we should even enter the official cosplay contest hosted by Nerds Like Us!

So you can imagine how stoked we were when Gotham Hobos actually won Best Group Cosplay!!! There was lot’s of squealing and jumping up and down, lol.


Best of all we made friends with some very talented, creative and awesome female cosplayers who are not afraid to cosplay outside the sexy box, so to speak! All in all, it was a fantastic experience and so  much fun.

I could not have had two better partners in crime than Ms. Natasha and BHArtDesigns!


It’s Been a Batty Week!

Since 2014 is Batman’s 75th anniversary, it seems like everyone has had bat on the brain. This week, I myself, have had a case of Bat-fever as I waited in anticipation for the Nerds Like Us midnight screening of Batman Returns.

I may be a Marvel girl, (Carol Corps For-evah!) but Batman was my first love. In fact, BR was one of the only movies I ever saw in the theater as a child.  AND Batman was the first superhero that introduced me to comics.

Initially, I started out wanting to make a Batman hat (that has obviously been on my list forever) to wear to the BR showing, then I decided to give Jack of All Nerds a hat to give away…and then it was just a downwards spiral of Batman- themed crafting from there.

Here’s some of the things I’ve been up to: