Easy NO-SEW Cape: How to make a cosplay cape for beginners.


Level: Beginner, Time: 1 hour, Cost: Under $20


Make sure your ribbon is at least 7/8″ wide.

The cape I made is 38” long and is knee length for the average height adult (5’5” to 5’8”). I used 2.5 yards of polyester crepe with 38” width, folded. So my total fabric size was 76” by 90.”

If you want a longer cape measure from the base of your neck to where you want the cape to end to find your “desired length.” (Hehehe. Get your minds out of the gutter ladies.) Consult Doodle 1 to calculate fabric size needed.

Doodle 1

IMPORTANT: Choose a fabric that will not fray because you are not going to be hemming this cape.
STEP ONE: Unfold your fabric and lay it out flat. Iron out any major wrinkles and/or creases if necessary.

STEP TWO: Fold your fabric in half width-wise and pin edges together. Lay the folded fabric flat on the carpet. (Doodle 2)

Doodle 2

STEP THREE: Align the 0” mark of your measuring tape with an upper corner on the fold of your fabric and stick a straight pin directly into the carpet to hold it in place. If you don’t have carpet, find a friend to come and hold it for you. If you have no friends, put down the electronic device and go be social. (Doodle 3)

Doodle 3

STEP FOUR:  Starting at the edge of the fabric (Doodle 3), gently pull your measuring tape taut and place a pin at 45.” Make sure you pin the two layers of fabric together. Using your corner pin as the axis to rotate your measuring tape towards the folded edge and place another pin at 45”. Continue until you reach the folded edge. These pins will be your cutting guide. (Doodle 4)

  • Remember to gently pull the measuring tape taut each time to get accurate measurement
  • Be sure not to pull the corner pin out of place.

Doodle 4

STEP FIVE: Repeat Step 4, placing a pin at 7” each time instead of 45.” (Doodle 5) Then unpin your tape measure.

Doodle 5

STEP SIX: Cut along the pins. Make sure you are holding both layers together when you cut. You should have a quarter circle with a tiny quarter circle cut out when you are finished (Doodle 6)

Doodle 6

STEP SEVEN: Make sure you remove all the pins and unfold. (Doodle 7) Now you’re in the homestretch!

Doodle 7

STEP EIGHT: Plug in your glue gun and let it get hot while you measure out apprx. 52” of ribbon. Seriously, it’s no big deal if you go over or under an inch or two.

STEP NINE: Measure 15″ of ribbon and mark it with a pin. Lay your ribbon flat.

STEP 10: I’ll call the tiny half-circle cut out in Doodle 7 the “neck hole”. Starting at your pin and the edge of the neck hole, apply hot glue to half the width of the ribbon and attach the edge of the neck hole working in small sections.

  • Make sure your neck hole edge is only covering half the ribbon width as shown below.

step 9

  • When finished you should have apprx. 15″ of ribbon hanging loose from either end of the neck hole (Doodle 8).

Doodle 8

STEP 11: Along the edge of the neck hole, fold the ribbon over so that the edge of the fabric is covered completely. Glue in place.

step 11

That’s all. Wear it. Look awesome. Try not to spill too much booze on it. Mission accomplished.

Coming Soon! Like tomorrow.

For realz you guys, I like, totes love Halloween. It’s the best holiday that ever was, is and shall be. Unless someone answers my letters to Congress and they make my birthday a national holiday. Then it will be a close call. Halloween will definitely still be awesome…but my birthday, in June, will be the start to the “Halloween Season.” Like Thanksgiving is just the kickoff for all that Christmas bullsh*t.

To be honest that’s really how it is in my own personal nation anyways. Come July I’ve already nailed down a theme for my annual Halloween bash, begun narrowing down my own costume choice and begun casually peppering my conversations with smooth, subtle phrases like “Yeah this baby shower is so much fun.  Remember that time last year at Halloween, when that fun/sad/awkward/terrifying thing happened? Anyhoo, any thoughts on what you’ll dress up as this year?”

By August I’ve already begun ordering supplies from high quality, luxury shops like Oriental Trading Company, cluttered every corner of our house with nifty little craft projects and started watching Buffy (the TV series) and Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat.

By September, fuhgettaboudit. I’m already halfway finished turning our back room addition into a magical evil party lair, and I’ve escalated my costume inquiries into aggressive harassment. “So what are you gonna be? Did you decide what you’re gonna be? No, how ’bout now?  Well, will you know tomorrow? What are you thinking of possibly maybe considering being? Well, you’re certainly cutting it close aren’t you? I worry about you and that cavalier attitude of yours…”

Well this year, I’ve been handed a gift from the universe to help take the edge off. This afternoon one of my peeps posted on FB that she is in need of a cape. Well, obviously I know how to make a cape so I rushed to her assistance, because I am a gentleman. I know how to make several different styles of capes with various difficulty factors, (which maybe I’ll cover at a different time) but a simple basic cape is really one of the most versatile costume accessories on the planet. Plus she needs it like yesterday so I’m going to go with my super cheap and easy NO SEWING cape. Although, I admit that I’m generally pro-sewing, some peeps don’t have the skill or a machine, and I totes understand.

I’m off to go make said cape for said friend so rejoice! There shall be a post with pictures and instructions on the morrow! Peace out, bitches! XOXO