Welcome, to my little corner of Le Internet. I’m doing my best to fill it with all the awesome stuff that I ❤  and I hope you enjoy it too!

I just  recently upgraded to a premium WP account and I’m having fun playing with all the shiny new options.

Please be patient while things shift around. Change is good! XOXO


Taking Pictures is Hard You Guys!

So I am quickly learning that the most difficult part about blogging is taking the f@#$ing pictures! DIY projects that take 30 minutes to actually do, take like a billllliiion hours to photograph! Big thanks to my lovely friends Natasha and Kelsey for coming over last night for manicures. I’ve got some awesome DIY Nail art that I can’t wait to share. It took like all night lol. Thank goodness we had sangria to make it through. My recipe is delicious and so easy even a Kardashian could do it.

Hopefully I’ll have the first DIY nails up in time for all you Lazy Sundays out there. XOXO