Poision Ivy / Pamela Isley Closet Cosplay!

So I did this quick cosplay with ordinary clothes from my closet and a few strategic accessories. That is called a “Closet Cosplay.” Apparently. Thank you Instagram friends for using the power of The Internets to acquaint me with that term. I owe you my firstborn.



Put on my trusty Poison Ivy wig (and my own for real glasses to actually see) and snapped a quick selfie.


Used the selfie, an old con badge, and my mad photoshop skillz to create Pamela Isley’s ID badge.


Slapped a sloppy coat of green paint on this teal bra as a base- note I only worried about the middle part that would be seen.


I like to pin my leaves in place to work out my design and then hot glue ’em down.


Quick & dirty – just covered the area you’d see.


See! Looks good all buttoned up.


I’m obsessed with sharp manicures- I love nude sharp nails for this because the neutral says “professional” but the sharp tips hint at villain.


Last minute I decided I needed a little purse for essentials so I busted out the glue gun and went to town.


All my accessories ready to go.



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