Sexy Cosplay: The Nerd Double Standard

Yawn. I am so over sexy cosplay. That’s why I wanted to do a group cosplay called Gotham Hobos. We thought it would be an interesting twist to portray some famous Gotham citizens in odd, poor, frumpy, dirty versions of themselves.

First, let me be clear. I’m a nerd and I love sexy cosplay! But think about this:

When you read the words “sexy cosplay,” what type of people popped into your head? Dudes, right? Lots of beefy sexually dressed men. LULZ, of course not!

You instantly pictured women dressed as Slave Leia, vinyl clad Catwomen, tiny bodysuits, corsets and of course tons of boobs. ::Le sigh::

Women should be allowed to be as sexy as they want to be! I would never dream of telling women not to display their bodies how they see fit or shaming them for doing so! I just wish that the collective consciousness glorified us for being whole people, not just one part of a person.

What if I said “epic heroic cosplay?” Did you still envision Slave Leia? I didn’t think so.

I do think it’s high time more women show more sides of themselves in cosplay. How about some strong, armored characters? (Without the ridiculous bare midriff armor). What about funny characters? Scary characters? All with nary a boob to be seen. Is that asking too much? IDK.

Now all of that being said, part of the the problem is the actual content women who cosplay have to draw inspiration from. I think we can agree that both male and female characters in video games, comic books, etc all have ridiculously proportioned bodies. However, at least there are more male characters where the correct “form” can be fabricated.

A skinny bean pole guy could put on Batman armor with built in muscles and voila! Dope cosplay, dude! I’m not saying that guys don’t ever get crap for being too pudgy, too skinny etc in a spandex Superman cosplay…but not as much as women. Even portraying characters professionally, somehow women are just put under more scrutiny.


Do you remember when the first Tomb Raider came out? Some nerds somewhere took a shot of Angelina Jolie’s body in costume. They ran it through a program where it compared her EXACT measurements to the EXACT measurements of the completely fictional human-anatomy-defying video game version of Lara Croft. Her tits were huge but dammit they weren’t EXACTLY as huge as the video game!!! How could Angelina dare to play this role!? How could the studios RUIN such an iconic game!? Nonsense. I’d like to see Adam West’s body run through the same program and compared to the comic book Batman.

Adam West and Comics Batman

Also, of course, there’s not as many female characters as male characters in video games, comic books, etc. So women started gender swapping their favorite male superheroes. I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’m excited that I’m starting to see more men gender swapping too! I just wish that the majority of gender swapping wasn’t simply making a sexy skimpy version of the male counterpart. I’ve seen pinup versions of literally every comic character I can think of. Every single one. Do you know how many women I’ve seen in an actual Iron Man (or I guess, in this case Iron Woman) suit? One. I saw one once on the internet. It was pretty badass!

I have a theory that we don’t see more equal gender swaps from women because as a group it’s easier for us to use our bodies to get attention for our cosplay than dudes. Which is unfair for them too when you think about it. Don’t have the time, energy, skills, or whatever to do a full Iron Man costume? That’s ok if you’re a lady. Just throw on lingerie in Iron Man colors and add a light on your chest. Maybe get the helmet- but for fucksake don’t wear it- just carry it so you don’t mess up your hair and makeup- duh!

As long as you have big tits and are showing them off, please believe you will make a splash on any con floor and your photos will be shared all over the internet. I have witnessed this exact costume in person surrounded by photographers and admirers. A so-so attempt at Iron Man from a guy? Who the fuck cares? Exactly nobody.  Unless it’s crafted perfectly nobody cares.

This whole train of thought gets me down.  At times it seems so huge that I don’t feel like things will ever change. That it’s pointless to even try… but “be the change you want to see in the world, fuckers!” Ghandi said that, although I may be paraphrasing. I’m not saying I don’t ,or will never wear sexy cosplay, or you’re wrong if you do. I’m just saying that if we all all shake it up once in in a while we might start to change people’s minds. So maybe take a risk at the next con ladies and don’t just go for the T&A. And if some hot dudes want to do shirtless Thor, I won’t complain, either. ::wink::

I personally find taking the sexiest (and most cosplayed) Gotham characters and making them weird dirty hobos funny. It’s not going to be sexy, that’s for sure- unless you have some hobo fetish. To which I say, to each their own! You do you.

The Gotham Hobos will be at Long Beach ComicCon 2014 and we can’t wait to show off Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy like you’ve never seen them before! You can follow the #GothamHobos on Instagram @jojossocreative to see what hijinks they get up to in the weeks leading up to the con.

Until then,


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