No Water Under the Bridge: Frozen Fan Fiction Chapter 2

“I tried. I don’t know how!” Elsa answered Reidar. Again. She had been over this with her Queen’s Council a hundred times. Elsa had tried to come up with a theory- they all had tried.

“Have you tried conjuring ice?” asked Grete, “Then we could melt it and end the drou- ”

“Of course !” Elsa snapped back at her. “That was the first thing I tried! There is no moisture in the air to freeze… Or if there is, it’s like it’s being evaporated immediately. I don’t even know which it is!” Elsa explained, exasperated. “Or how to begin to fix it either,” she thought.

The council members all started talking at once again. She could barely hear herself think.

“That’s enough,” Elsa whispered.

The discord continued, mumbled utterances crescendoing to a dull roar.


The temperature dropped in the Council Room. Her cabinet fell silent and looked at her expectantly.

“Okay.” She took a deep breathe. The room evened out ot a comfortable temperature.

“I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t know why my powers are not fully working.” She raised her hands to halt the inevitable panicked outbursts. “If anyone can teach Arendelle to survive this drought and extraordinary heat it is Queen Amenset. That is why it is of utmost importa-”

“Elsa! I have amazing news! News that can possibly put Queen Amenset’s ambassador in a forgiving mood!” Anna burst through the doors rattling off her whole speech in one breath.

She stopped for air and felt a room full of eyes on her. “Oh sorry. I wasn’t really thinking. I mean I thought Elsa should know. But she probably should know in private. Um well, this is awkward. I’ve made it awkward…” Anna trailed off, suddenly aware of how personal her message for Elsa was.

“No. Anna you have every right to be included here. I was only trying to spare you from this morning’s preliminary discussions, or freak outs, as you would say.” Elsa smiled to herself. Yes, freaked out perfectly described the Queen’s Council this morning.

Elsa looked at her sister, for such a flustered entrance she really did look quite beautiful this morning. Radiant. And that reminded Elsa of the sun…and this damned heat!

“Elsa, I have an idea.” Ana stated in her best no-nonsense tone as she noticed her sister survey her person, wondering if Elsa somehow magically knew her condition.

“Let’s hear it! I assume you are aware of the new development in our situation?”

Anna nodded, “Yes. I ran into Olaf on the way here…literally.”

“Then you know the Vårenisen have been destroyed?”

Anna felt the eyes of the Queen’s Council flitting between the two of them in silence. Like they were watching the most riveting tennis match.

“Um yes, but Elsa I’m sure it wasn’t his fault. He’s really sorry and everything, but maybe we could have a private council?” Anna began to stammer; she was getting nervous, “because well, I’m- sheesh, uh let’s go over to the smaller council chambers or ooh, I know! Dismiss these guys for a break…”

“I will not be dismissed!” Reidar hissed. For the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he could be incredibly pompous. “Making a good impression with Queen Amenset’s ambassador is my responsibility and I will not have my chances at success ruined, and my reputation tarnished, by your careless snow pet!” He pounded his fist to the table for good measure.

“My Queen, we have the answer to this situation staring us in the face! It is simple,” Reidar finished with a flourish.

“Simple!?” Elsa replied astonished. “Please, do tell us this simple solution we have all overlooked,” she spat out with contempt.

“I, Minister Reidar, charge your play thing with crimes against the realm. I submit that he must pay for his crimes by providing the much needed water for a new crop of Vårenisen.” Reidar paused for effect.

“Melt him.”

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