It’s Getting Warmer: Frozen Fan Fiction, Chapter 1


“Elsa!” Anna hollered as she ran down the castle hall towards the Great Hall. “I don’t even know why I’m shouting. She can’t hear me from all the way out here.” Anna thought, alternating her pace with a skip and a bounce as she ran. She felt like her blood was bubbling with excitement! It was mid-morning; there was a quiet hush over the castle as the most serious business of running Arrendelle was being attended to, but she couldn’t help it.

Anna shouted again, “ELS-” she felt a friendly mass of snow hit her straight on and she tumbled to the ground.

“Wheee! I didn’t know you liked playing smash races!”

Anna giggled even as she stood up feeling a little sore, “Olaf, I wasn’t playing a smash race- wait, what’s a smash race?”

“I don’t know; you made it up just now” he replied looking around the hall thoughtfully, “and I think it’s really going to catch on. If one person starts 42 paces that way” he pointed down the hall from where Anna had been coming, “and one person leans against the wall about twenty six no, twenty six and a half- paces that way…” he trailed off making calculations and forming game rules in his head.

Anna put a hand on his shoulder, “Olaf, that game sounds great. It really does. But I’m on my way to see Elsa. I have very important news. Is she in the Great Hall?”

Olaf looked away. “No…not in the Great Hall,” he said sheepishly.

Anna narrowed her eyes at him and waited.

“Olaf” she said calmly “what are you not telling me?”

“Um well, there may have been an incident. A certain snowman may have been involved. I won’t name names, but perhaps a few flowers were destroyed, and if they were, which I’m not saying they definitely were, but if…”

“Flowers?” Anna asked. “These wouldn’t happen to be Vårenisen flowers?”

“They might have been.”

“Oh no! Those were to be presented to the emissary sent by the Queen of the south. Those are the only blossoms left  from last spring! With all this strange weather we’ve been having we’ll never be able to grow more in time! Olaf, where is she? Where is Elsa now?”

“In the Council Room. With a lot of very serious faces. I tried to break the ice. I started with ‘a reindeer goes into a bar’ setup-”

Anna stopped him. “Get past the joke. What happened next?”

“They asked me to leave! And not very politely I must add-”

Anna, wait! Don’t you want to play…” Olaf called after her, but Anna was already halfway down the hall and didn’t wait to hear the rest.


“Oh no, oh no, oh no. Elsa is going to be so upset,” Anna thought “those flowers were part of our bargain with the Queen. If we can’t deliver, will they still send the help we desperately need?  Maybe this good news is just what Elsa needs. After all, the only thing visiting dignitaries love more than a royal wedding is news of a royal baby, right?”


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