Unikitty Cosplay: Making New Friends at Wondercon 2014

finished-UnikittyWelcome new friends! I met so many amazing people at Wondercon yesterday.  If somehow you manage to find this lil ol’ blog- even though I somehow managed to leave the house without a single business card- I’m deeply appreciative!

I started this blog basically to teach myself how to use WordPress for my job…but the freedom to blog my own feelings and drop the occasional F-bomb (cuz I’m a grown-ass woman, dammit) left me feeling like I could finally breathe. So here I am blogging intermittently, making grand plans to seriously blog, then immediately abandoning those plans to work on craft projects. Which I sometimes epically fail to document and post.

If you had the chance to holla at me in my Princess Unikitty cosplay (all hand drawn and painted BTW) thanks! I made the hat out of papier mache and the “masquerade mask ” of “Business Unikitty” and “Angry Unikitty” out of craft foam. The shoes were a craft project themselves and are part of my regular wardrobe. Everything else (lace bodysuit, moto jacket & jewelry were all store-bought things in my closet.

Here’s some pictures of my skirt in progress:

fabric first-skirt-layer dress-piece 20140409-205015.jpg

Here’s the journey of my Unikitty hat & the “masquerade mask” face:

pieces papier-unkiitty unikitty-painted


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