DIY Manicure Part 2: Miracle Cuticle Fix!

supplies finalThis is my super awesome 3-step miracle cure for dry cuticles!  Get ready to moisturize, bitches! Woohoo! Really though, this is super awesome and super easy. You can do this after completing my DIY Manicure Part 1, or just whenever you’re having an extra dry spell. Enjoy!

STEP ONE: Use your cuticle nippers (or any other sharp object) to cut open 3 or 4 of the vitamin E gel caps and squeeze the oils into a small dish or a paper plate.

oil 1

STEP TWO: Use your cotton swabs to coat each nail and cuticle area with the oils. When you finish one hand, slip on a plastic glove to do the other.


STEP THREE: Now just chillax for about 30-40 minutes and let the oils do their thing. The gloves keep the oil from getting on stuff so you’re not helpless while you wait for your skin to absorb the oils.

  • TIP: Since I hate getting bleach & chemicals on my hands, I do this before I clean the bathroom. By the time I’m done the oils have worked their mojo and I haven’t wasted an extra pair of gloves.


You’re welcome.

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