Quick Review: Hobby Lobby

If you’re delicate nature is prone to fainting, you might want to have some smelling salts handy or someone with a good Scarlet O’Hara impression nearby to slap you across the face.

I don’t like the Hobby Lobby.

It sounds sacrilegious, I know, but it’s just not my taste. It’s like Michael’s Crafts, JoAnne’s Fabrics and Pier 1 got drunk, had a threesome and and the baby came out looking mostly like Pier 1.

The place is large and pretty, I’ll give them that, but the front of the store was covered with like billions of home decor displays that you have to weave through to get to the fabric and crafting supplies. Which wouldn’t be so bad except the home decor stuff is really pricey.


If you have cash to burn and are looking to decorate your house and just dip your toe in the crafting world, like maybe you want to sew a pillow to match the glossy red birdcage you just bought…this is the place for you.

If you are on a budget or into hard core crafting, this isn’t the place to go. You’ll walk right by that birdcage and think, “Fuck that. I’d just go get a birdcage at a thrift store and hit it with a coat of glossy red spray paint for a third of the price.”

Sidenote: there were SOOOOO MANY Christmas wreaths and ornaments. Like SO MANY. At least as big as the fabric section, so if you’re into that this is your dream store. Personally, I was deeply offended at the ratio of Xmas stuff to Halloween stuff considering I went during the peak Halloween crafting season.

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