How to Make Sangria: A Recipe for Lazy Bitches (Like Me)

Who has time for cutting up fruit or actually letting wine chill?


F@%&. That.
Here’s a super simple instant-gratification recipe for sangria.


What you need:

1 bottle wine of your choice
1 bag frozen mixed berries
A pitcher or punch bowl w/ladle


Put the frozen berries in the pitcher.
Pour in the wine in the pitcher or punch bowl.
Scoop some berries into each glass
Pour the mixture
Commence with the drinking!


If I’m going to be serving this immediately, the first thing I do is put a few frozen berries in each glass then the rest go in the pitcher. Then I pour the mixture into the glasses.

For parties this is best served in a punch bowl with a ladle so people can scoop out their own berries. I also keep spoons handy because the wine-soaked berries are the best part!

JoJo’s Love Note: The images and formatting in this post were updated 6/3/14. XOXO

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